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Solid Waste Facility Designations (Flow Control)

James A. Skora, CHMM, SC
Ashland County Solid Waste District Coordinator

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Ohio law gives each solid waste district in Ohio the ability to control where waste generated from within the solid waste district can be taken. Such control is generally referred to as flow control. In Ohio, solid waste districts establish flow control by designating facilities. The Ashland County Solid Waste District has established facility designations which include the following facilities that can accept Ashland County solid waste:
 SW Facilities

Only designated facilities can receive Ashland County solid waste.  In more explicit terms, no one can legally take waste from Ashland County to undesignated facilities and undesignated facilities cannot legally accept waste from Ashland County.  The only exception is when the Ashland County Board of County Commissioners grants a waiver to allow an undesignated facility to take solid waste from Ashland County.  This section also includes the full section of the current Ashland County Solid  Waste Management Plan that describes facility designations and the waiver process.

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