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Nancy Earick, Education Specialist

The Ashland County Solid Waste District provides education and awareness opportunities throughout Ashland County. 

Our educator schedules visit school classrooms, including home schools and Christian schools, 4-H groups, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, youth groups, clubs, organizations, etc. to speak about proper recycling, composting, litter prevention and waste reduction.  Our curriculum covers a large range of ages.  These lessons and activities can be adjusted to meet individual and group needs.  Special poster and writing contests are often offered to  Ashland County residents throughout the year.  Composting field trips can be scheduled for those interested in learning more about the importance of composting.

 We would love to visit your school or Scout group, schedule a composting lesson or offer sound advice on Recycling.   To learn more about the programs we offer please send questions to our Education Coordinator, Nancy Earick at


2023 - 2024 Aluminum Tab Drive

"It takes an ARMY to accomplish a task such as this and I sure have that army"
Nancy Earick


Tab Drive 1

Tab Drive 2



Reusing Old CD's & Scrap Pieces of Wall Paper

solid waste education 1


solid waste education 2



Mrs. Weiler's class, Hillsdale
Teachers are following up compost lesson with watching a pumpkin decompose in front of their eyes

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January 2024 Lesson

This month's lesson is on the book The Tin Forest.  A little old man's dream is to have a forest.  He makes a difference one piece of Tin at a time, cleaning up the garbage in his neighborhood and turning it into a Tin Forest.  Soon a bird comes along and drops a seed on the ground.  Real things start to grow and green vegetation fills in the forest.  When this happens real animals and insects show up.  This story teaches the children we can help our environment one piece at a time. Just like the bird and the man in the story made a difference.   We may not recycle a truck load of paper but each paper makes a difference.  We may not collect 10 pounds of pop tabs but each pop tab makes a difference.  Each little thing that we do makes a difference. 

Paper towel piece birds the students made as a project to go along with the lesson.

Tin Forrest 1


Tin Forrest 2b



web 1

A Pig Tale written by Olivia Newton John
Discussion on Reusing
Project-making Iggy and Ziggy pigs out of a plastic pink Christmas ornament

December 2023 Lesson

Reusing egg cartons and wallpaper scraps to make a turkey.
This lesson goes along with the book "Michael Recycle" and
discussion of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
and the items Ashland County can accept at the drop off bins.


Kind at EdisonEdison, Kindergarten

Edison 3rd GradeEdison, Turkey's on Ledge, 3rd Grade



ACS 4th Grade


ACS 4th Grade (2)






fair 4


fair 1



fair 2


Ohio Business and Professional Women
Centerpiece Contest

1st place1st Place

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3rd place3rd Place

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention

Nancy Earick, Education Specialist

The Ashland County Solid Waste Management District utilizes the "Windows on Waste" curriculum to provide solid waste education and awareness opportunities to residents, businesses and school-age children throughout the county.

Programs for Classes, Organizations and Clubs ~ All Ages!

To learn more about the programs we offer please send questions to our Education Coordinator, Nancy Earick at

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